Interviews are done!

I've completed the interviews!  Data collection is over!  Over 30 leaders of churches from BC, Alberta, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, Texas and Pennsylvania all participated in direct on-site interviews with me.  I can not express my gratitude enough for their time and enthusiasm for the project.  What a blessing it was for me personally to sit down with them and, for a moment at least, enter into their passion and experience in ministry.  And I expect I'll be a better pastor because of it.

I'm looking forward now to compiling all this data.  I've got about 25 hours of recordings to transcribe.  Next comes the data collation.  Meanwhile, the literature review section is beckoning… though I think I have all the materials necessary for that in my brain at the moment.  Sounds like the baristas at Starbucks are going to be seeing a lot of me and my computer in the next two months.

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