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9780830810970 "Leading disciples fix their gaze on the holiness of Christ and seek to reflect this holiness in character and conduct of their own lives.  This holiness is a blend of moral purity, spiritual produce, sacred purpose and transcendent power."

This is a quote from Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer's book, Leadership Essentials (p.17), a workbook with weekly Bible studies, memory verses, and exercises intended to equip the kind of leadership Christ calls us to.  The authors use the phrase "leading disciples" to emphasize that Christian leaders are first called to be disciples of Jesus.  They note that "we must always see ourselves first as disciples of Christ and second as disciples who are called to lead" (p.17).

I've just begun working through this book myself and hope to walk through it this fall with my Lead Team at Hub.  In the midst of planning for activities this year and in the midst of finishing my thesis, it's going to be a very positive personal discipline to be memorizing and working through the Scripture studies in this workbook.

Maybe you'll want to participate with me a bit here on this site:  Ogden and Meyer offer this useful inductive exercise concerning their quote above:  "Identify key words or phrases in [this statement], and state their meaning in your own words."

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