residence conference!


On October 3rd, Hub @ Brentview is hosting a 1 day spiritual formation conference.  We strongly encourage
that anyone who is serious about God and who is connected to
Hub/Brentview take part in this very meaningful, and we pray,
life-changing experience.   We are pleased to invite
Steven McCready back to Calgary to teach from Romans 8:9-11 and Pete Morrison & Stu Armstrong to lead us in worship.  Don’t miss this opportunity!!  Details are available at the Hub website: .

2 thoughts on “residence conference!

  1. Oh you should totally attend Rachel!! You know, one of the reasons I’m so excited about what will happen this year is because of all the work you did. You laid a fantastic foundation! And you changed a lot of lives! I’m so thankful for you!!

  2. Now what about me? Im serious about God and most defintely connected, so where does that leave me? recordings?? (laughing!:)
    i will be praying that God is going to use that week and special day to stir up more emotionals, and move people into action! i love that we saw that this past year!:) always room for more eh!:)
    Blessings to YOU ken castor!!

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