Residence tomorrow

Residence-promo-option-spar The guys have arrived from N.Ireland and we're prepping today for the Residence Conference at Brentview.  Would appreciate your prayers.  The conference is meant to be "a day of spiritual formation."  Steve is all set to go with three solid messages tomorrow.  Kathy and I are leading breakout sessions, Stu and Pete are worshiping with Dan and Jeremy, and we have a team ready to go with support aspects.  I'm so thankful.  And… we've doubled my expectation for attendance.  (We can still accept drop-ins tomorrow, but we won't have enough snacks or lunch for you- you'll have to find your own food!)  It's not often enough that we set aside even one full day to focus on the Lord.  I'm praying God will take up residence in our lives as we open the door and invite him in.

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