~ resting up ~

Anonymous-Rockefeller-Center-1932--Resting-on-a-Girder--8694 I've been out of blog action for almost two weeks.  That's quite a stretch for me!  The Residence Conference weekend was a huge blessing… and then I took a few days to refresh and rest. 

Resting is essential to the rhythm of the spiritual life.  Not sure why I don't rest more!  God tells us to rest.  Jesus rested.  Jesus encouraged his followers to rest up.  The Sabbath was built into the pattern of every week.  And yet, as a pastor who has a flourishing ministry life, and a dad who has a flourishing family life, and as a husband who has a blessed marriage, and as a student who has a huge deadline on the horizon… I fail to rest.

So since Sunday morning, I have purposefully rested.  I have slept, played with my kids, and held the hand of my wife.  I've eaten well and done a few small projects to avoid laziness.  I've agonizingly avoided emails and facebook, phone calls and to-do lists.  And my heart is doing well.  

Tomorrow I'll be back in action, but with a determination to make rest a common trait of my week.  I've got to find a time outside of Sunday to consider a Sabbath day and to keep that holy.

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  1. kencastor

    Valerie, we love you guys. We’re resting and I hear that you are too! Blessings to you both. You are in our prayers!

  2. Valerie

    Really really glad to hear that you and Kathy did get some rest! Blessings friend!


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