Jesus’ Ultimate Team

image from It's certainly not the way I would have done it.  The first six guys that promote Jesus and the beginning of his worldwide international eternal movement are not the ones I would have chosen.  What was he thinking?!

This was our focus for hub tonight.  Here's the audio of my message from the second half of John 1.  Video to come this week.

Hub – Jesus' Ultimate Team – Ken Castor

Ken Castor

Ken Castor is a husband, dad, pastor, writer and teacher. He serves as a professor at Crown College, Minnesota, where he equips students to pursue Jesus-Centered Faith and Next Generation Ministry. For 20+ years he's focused on equipping the next generations in places like the U.S., Canada, and Northern Ireland. He's the author of Grow Down (Simply Youth Ministry, 2014), Make a Difference (Broadstreet, 2016), the Blue-Letters Editor of the Jesus-Centered Bible (Group, 2015) and numerous other articles and Bible Study guides. But, whenever possible, he gets down on the floor and builds Lego with his kids. Connect with him @kencastor.

2 thoughts on “Jesus’ Ultimate Team

  1. Thanks for the sympathy, Shandell! I knew someday I would fall out of style… and I think it has now happened! PVR, heh. You young pups these days and your new fangled technologies.


  2. Ken, I have to say my heart broke for you a little bit yesterday when no one could sing along with you on the Dukes of Hazzard song. You must understand that my generation was undeniably turned off of the Dukes after a terrible movie remake featuring Jessica Simpson in booty shorts *females collectively shudder* Anywho, if it makes you feel better, I will set my PVR to record TV tropolis from the hours of midnight to six AM so I will not be out of the loop during your next sermon illustration.


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