update – October 19, 2009

Almost there!!  I've compiled all of the data and have derived TWO major principles from the research: THE CHARACTER OF THE NEXT GENERATION LEADER and the CULTURE OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE CHURCH. 

What's exciting at this point for me personally is how the principles truly work as principles.  EACH CHURCH, of the fifteen I was able to interview, emphasized these two key principles.  Each church, however, used different methods/programs and terminologies to pursue these two principles.  Not one church relied on a program.

Encouraging as well were the common sub-principles within these two categories that enhance and deepen their commitment to these two aspects.  I'm identifying these sub-principles with some academically charged titles such as Environmental Intentionality, and Generational Reciprocity.

And, there seems to be ONE major obstacle to generational transference of ministry leadership expressed by EACH CHURCH: POSSESSIVE LEADERSHIP.  This aspect of the paper will be fascinating, as it seems to pinpoint the key issue that hinders perpetuity of leadership across generations within a local church.

As you can see, I'm encouraged.  I'm aiming to have a finished draft of the paper by the end of November.  Thanks for your prayer and support!!


  1. interesting research. consider reaching out to my old church in Columbia, SC about this topic. Shandon Baptist (shandon.org) from 1924 till now has had 3 pastors. Our current church Southsidefellowship.org has only had 2 pastors in its existence. The pastor that started the church lead the church through a transformation away from “Bob Jones” church to a grace focused congregation. Both continue to grow in spirtual depth and attendence. The number of pastors is not a criteria for where we attend. It is an interesting coincidence.

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