The dissertation is done!  At 12noon at ACTS/Trinity Western University I was given the handshake by Dr. Daryl Busby.  "Dr. Castor."  It was fun actually… I actually had a good time.  But it was difficult to summarize thousands of dollars, thousands of miles, hundreds of hours, 200+ pages and buckets of energy into a brief presentation. 

I was joined at the defense by Dr. Rob McCleland, Executive Director of NAB, who served as my 2nd Reader.  Also present were: Dr. Larry Eide, who served as facilitator and who was a member of my cohort; Bill Armerding, my long-time mentor, coach, and dear friend;  Dr. Bob Krahn, Regional Minister for NAB in British Columbia; and Dr. Larry Perkins, President of Northwest Baptist Seminary.  What an honor it was for me to be joined by these men. 

 Thanks to my wife Kathy for urging me on and not letting my stop.  I love you, Kathy. 

In the weeks to come I'll use this site to post my study and findings. For the moment, I'm going to take a nap!


  1. Thank you so much, James. I really appreciate your words and your friendship. It’s great how God connected us that summer and has enriched our friendship. Praying for you and the incredibly amazing karen!! Blessings, Ken.

  2. Congrats Ken! What a great honor to be joined by those individuals. I am always excited to hear what God will do next with you! I certainly have some great reading ahead of me, as I start working through some of your posts.
    Dr. Castor…it sounds so…smart!
    Miss you dearly. Will certainly keep in touch if Karen and I ever find our way out to Calgary!
    For Jesus’ Fame,
    James Kelly

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