::: Getting closer :::

I'm giving uber thought to how this site might be reset… After posting 800+ articles/reflections/devotions over the last few years… with tens of thousands of visits and over a thousand comments… and having networked with some amazing ministry partners across the world… I'm now thinking about some sort of new direction for this personal hub… where my interests in Generational Transference of Spiritual Formation and Leadership can be explored more effectively…

So thanks for checking in and for staying in touch.  Hope to be back to writing on this site fairly soon.  Thanks!! 

– Ken



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  1. Hi Ken & Kathy & family,
    We just heard the wonderful news of your doctorate. Congratulations!! Well deserved. It must have been very difficult trying to work, prepare for the Phd. and maintain a family life. Well done.
    We think of you often and are please to hear of your new positon as well.
    We contiunue to pray for you all.
    Love and God Bless,
    Rita and Bob Bogart

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