One Generation Away

I came across this video today (by Geoff Schultz)… It highlights what I've been coming to believe more and more… that Generational Transference is the driving pattern of faith, evangelism and discipleship throughout the Bible.  Without an intentional commitment to passing on the truth and action of our faith to others… and without equipping them with the chance/ability to lead the way forward, the coming generations could find themselves devoid of a working relationship with God.  I'm impassioned once again to raise up those who will lead for the future…


  1. Thanks for the note, Sheila. And yes! Dt 6 is a powerful passage… often overlooked… or maybe often assumed. It is foundational– and as a parent and a pastor and a teacher I feel as if I’m just now discovering how important it truly is.

  2. Ken you know this is the truth. My parents believed but they didn’t actively pursue the ‘training’ of thier children because of the values of the day… we have to be NON CONFORMISTS to this world and be Deuteronomy 6 parents. IT is up to us as parents to pursue the training of our children as though lives depend upon it, because it IS a matter of life and death.
    Thank you

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