Youth Ministry Old Spice Style

One of my students alerted me to this today… A great spoof on the unrealistic expectations we place on youth pastors…


  1. Thank you for the note, Bonnie. My prayer goes out for you and Terry. I am heart broken. Matt was the dearest of friends for me… and I have such incredible memories… like jumping off of your living room balcony into a pile of pillows below! My grandfather (now 90) still speaks of Matt going with us to visit him at the lake– he had that derby hat and we’d play euchre– my whole family loved him very much.
    I think you know that Matt and I also had many strong moments of faith together. I know he knew the Lord– because we had many great conversations about God in our lives.
    Bonnie, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and Terry.
    My heart,

  2. Dear Ken
    You may remember Matt. He passed away into our Lord’s presence and heavenly kingdom (with several heavenly-sent gifts of confirmation) on Friday, Jan. 14 at 3:00 AM (considered a very holy hour by many sources–but then, again, we’re Catholic). . .
    Although he suffered a very long and convoluted illness, still to be disputed as to its diagnosis and treatment, he is PRAISE GOD, with our Lord and that is NOT disputed!
    I know he would wish you to know of his passing . . . he always loved you dearly and we, personally, are very thankful for the friendship you and he shared during our time in Fort Wayne.
    I am slowly reading your posts and wish you the best. We will keep you in our prayers.
    In Christ,
    Bonnie (and Terry) Schroeder

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