GROW DOWN message @ Crown College Chapel

166634_537112940839_163800896_31409552_3781115_n-1 Had a great time sharing  one of my favorite themes with the students of Crown College a couple days ago.  I've written many times on this site about the concept GROW DOWN as God's pattern for our lives as opposed to the world's perspective of growing up into adulthood.  Over the last several years I've spoken on this topic more than 2 dozen times in various settings in 3 different countries and in various ways (large and small gatherings)… and it just keeps getting fresher for me personally each time.  I pray that I will be organized enough and be given the opportunity to write it down in book form soon… but the prodding in my heart hasn't hit hard enough quite yet. For now… please have a listen and provide any encouraging/constructive feedback.  I pray this talk encourages you: iTunes link–> GROWdownCrownCollege or mp3:

2011-1-31 Dr. Ken Castor

ps. Thanks to my friend Ronald Danatus for the photo…



  1. Just listened to your chapel talk and smiled the whole time! Love it brother, every time I hear that message it gets better. Looking forward to serving with you this summer 🙂
    Praying for you, the family and your students. Keep’er lit as our northern Irish friends would say.

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