TED talk by Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability.

Great talk from TED by Brene Brown. Theme: Shame and fear is only overcome by excruciating pain, or in other words, true vulnerability.  Shame = fear of disconnection. Shame keeps us from feeling worthy of connection/belonging. If shame can be overcome, then we can have belonging.

I post this because I've been teaching in our class at Crown ("Spiritual and Leadership Development") on these precise themes which stem from Genesis and lead to the posture of Jesus. As a result, vulnerability (or "Humility/Fragility/Intimacy" as I have said in class) is necessary to overcome connection and belonging.  ** There is some language and content that might disturb some of you… just a heads up.  But I consider the content of this talk to be of such high quality that Brene's raw moments are very appropriate.  Her comments about the nature of what we've done to religious faith are also especially profound and match the themes of our course.  Thanks to Steve Anderson for calling my attention to this talk.

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    Excellent video, I really glad to watched it, a lady has really great mind, and I also agree with here sentence of Shame and fear is only overcome by excruciating pain.
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