photo history of Social Justice course…

The most convicting and difficult class for me to teach this semester has been "Social Justice."  For a Christian, to take action against the injustices of this world is a necessity.   To take the right action, however, is revolutionary and life-changing.  It has been an honor to have walked with ten gifted students through Scripture, to tackle intense, heart-breaking issues, and to wrestle with some honest calls for better Christian practice.  So, to remind me of the challenge, I've taken a photo log of the chalkboard art that has been generated over the last few months.  Here are some samples:


* Added 4/27/11 —> Discussion about "What Makes a Christian":



  1. I’d love to send it to you… but it’s still a work in progress… and I suppose Crown might want to charge you $1800. I could email you some of my scriptural study… shoot me an email as a reminder, eh!

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