Avoiding Doofusry This Summer

  image from 4.bp.blogspot.com Defn. of Doofusry: Ken's made-up Adjective of 'Doofus'.

Defn. of Doofus: "A stupid, incompetent, foolish person."

Used in a Sentence: "Ken exhibited great doofusry because he put fake cheese on his wife's ham sandwich and he also did not let the Bible impact his life every day."

In an attempt to avoid doofusry this summer, I promise to no longer put fake cheese on my wife's ham sandwiches… and on Tuesday I will start a daily journey through the book of Romans.   And I’d be encouraged to have you offer some of your reflections in response.  You can jump in at any time, jump out, jump back in, look backwards, leap forwards, or navigate each day with me… whatever works for you.  I realize that I would personally benefit deeply from concentrated time in the Bible… and that I also yearn for some opportunity to exercise my pastoral calling a bit this summer.   Plus, I suspect I’d really benefit from hearing your insights, questions, challenges, disagreements, etc. 

So, starting Tuesday (June 14) I will begin posting reflections that will walk through the book of Romans.  I’m choosing this book because it is a wondrous book, because it is encouraging, because it is challenging, because it is offensive, and because it is as wonderfully applicable for the individual as it is for the community.  There are things in the book of Romans that lift my soul and other things that make the hair on my neck stand up in disgust.  It’s been almost 15 years since I last walked intensely through the whole book of Romans… and I believe it is time once again.  Want to join in?

Heads Up: On Tuesday I will challenge myself to let the Bible impact my life every day.  As a place to begin, I will post a call to myself and a request for you to read the whole book of Romans straight through.  Perhaps you’ll want a head start~

Graphic Borrowed from: http://secretfunspot.blogspot.com/2009/04/april-of-fools-trick-cheese.html


  1. Hey Dr. Castor. Just been reading through a couple of your thoughts and whatnot on your study through the book of Romans and it has inspired me to start my own study through a book in the Bible. I’ve been feeling really… hungry and super dry here on my internship and want to be challenged and stretched, so maybe by studying and blogging my ideas, it will help me grow deeper in my relationship with Christ.

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