Refreshing Day at Recharge 2012

We had a great time at Recharge today! Thanks to all the organizations, churches, ministries, and teams that helped make today an encouraging success. Tiger McLuen, Jeanne Osgood and the Youth Leadership folks were organizational masters.  St. Andrews Lutheran in Mahtomedi displayed inspiring hospitality. Heather Flies and Mark Matlock encouraged and challenged the sold out (750) crowd. And the workshops were excellent!  Thanks to stellar investments from Daniel White Hodge, Ginny Olson, Brian Pingel, Dan Rotach, Cesar Castillejos, Stefan Vanvoorst, Tim Coltvert, Jeff Carver and others.

Personally, it was a rich day. I needed it! For instance, every time I hang out with Brian Pingel (youth ministry faculty at North Central University) is a lift for me… though this is strangely the first time we've actually spent time in the Twin Cities (Louisville and Seattle before this!). Ginny Olson oozes encouragement- so I know it will be good to have her at Crown for Spark* in 1 month (Along with Daniel White Hodge and others. Toby Zook also represented Crown tremendously, by the way!). Great to meet some new friends like Cesar and Edrin… The particpation and feedback to my seminar (GROW DOWN) today was also a tremendous blessing… especially hearing stories of how God is working to raise up a new generation that knows and loves Jesus.

Glad and exhausted to be here in the Twin Cities! Looking forward to the year ahead and how God will continue to stir His people here.

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