Spark* “notes”


Thanks to all those this weekend who attended our first Spark* Youth Workers Conference. I'm encouraged by the many youth workers (paid and unpaid), students and speakers who engaged in the seminars and workshops. It was a great first go— and every indication is that we've landed on something worthwhile here— and at a great price point too. Our student volunteers did a superb job representing Crown and helping our guests feel at home. 220+ participants (including a couple who had travelled 7 hours from Chicago!) focused on equipping the next generation to know and share God (Generational Transference). That's cool.

More feedback later… We're debriefing and reviewing evaluation forms this week… and I have to remember to grade papers and teach classes! But for now I want to say "thank you" to all those who follow God's call to intentionally invest in the lives of young people. What a blessing you are!


  1. Hey Mark… Thanks so much for coming to the conference. We were really pleased with the turn-out, the responses, and especially the encouragement received throughout the day. I appreciate your words and will pass these on. Hope to connect further! Thanks for all you do, Mark!

  2. Hey Ken, just wanted to say, “Thank-you!” The Spark Conference was just what I needed at a great cost and close to home…only 3 hours :p What an answer to prayer! I know that you were worried about the language that Dan used in his speaking and while I understand the discomfort with swearing…it was good for me to remember to meet youth where they are at. This came into play as I met a college student that I have been witnessing to for lunch at the college for lunch and as we were visiting a couple of his friends came and were swearing pretty heavily and I was had peace to just stay and visit with them instead of leaving when they started swearing like that. My hope is that I will have more opportunities to witness to him and his friends and part of that comes from what Dan shared with us. It took a lot of time and energy to put this together and I want you to know from where I’m standing it’s worth it!
    In His Service,
    Mark A Johnson

  3. Awesome! These things will always work because they hit at youth ministry at all levels. There is much to be said about regional type gatherings. (verses national “big name” conferences) It needs to happen more often. I am glad to see it was well attended and seemingly worthwhile for all.

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