A Glimpse of Heaven

There are those occasional moments in life that give us a glimpse of the sort of place Heaven will be. Peace and joy walking hand in hand with God.

I had one of those moments several weeks ago when our family went for a walk along the Minnesota River. My 6-year-old daughter, Elly, held my hand almost the entire walk (2+ miles). We talked and told jokes and explored and listened and smiled and dreamed together. For me it was one of those cherished moments.

I downloaded the pictures from that walk finally yesterday… and found that Kathy had captured this special moment. Thought I'd share it with you…




  1. Kids have a way of really clarifying some of those things. I remember one specific time when one of my boys woke up early so I went in and sat with them in the early morning. He fell back asleep and then I watched him as he woke up again. The first thing he did was smile and me and touch my face. Instantly I knew that God was teaching me something about the relationship I have with Him. It was like He was saying, “this is what I want from you” Anyway— awesome stuff.

  2. That means a lot to me, Valerie. I think often about Lucy and wonder how grand her walk with God must be. Blessings to your amazing family! Thank you for leaving this comment!!!

  3. Thank you for the reminder of walking with God. Your photo puts on a smile on my face as a glimpse into how Lucy is doing the same with good in Heaven.

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