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The greatest artists begin by being with the greatest artists

My Mom's hands are getting a bit older… and yet she is becoming more and more of an artist. Whatever she imagines she somehow draws, paints, or decorates. She translates the mosaics in her mind to stunning works of art using tiles, puzzles, shells, or anything else. My mom is amazing.



Crayons and Generational Transference share an environment of encouragement.


A few months ago she got down on her cracking knees to draw with my daughter. Their hands were a contrast of age. My Mom's hands, starting to wrinkle and showing signs of arthritis. My daughter's hands, unblemished by the years. My Mom's hands, rich in a range of artistic expression and heritage. My daughter's hands, simple and casual, used to crayons and pencil.

My Mom asked Elly what she wanted to draw. Elly offered an elementary idea… Grandma and Elly holding hands. My Mom was very happy to sit next to her granddaughter on the floor and draw, in the wondrous media of crayon and color.

The greatest artists begin with the opportunity and encouragement to draw with the greatest artists. What Generational Transference Principles are evident in this moment of crayon communion?

2012-10-06 18.59.48

A watercolor painted  by my Mom for my MDiv graduation.
2012-10-06 19.00.12

A puzzle/tile mosaic mirror constructed by my Mom for our foyer. Yes, that's our dog, Smudge. My Mom didn't make him but he wishes she did.
2012-10-06 19.01.13

A mosaic tile table created by my Mom for our home.


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