a humble walk with God – Part 4 (defined)

1._Extreme_povertyJesus is our King with whom
we humbly walk.  As a result of this walk
we will serve and praise our King. We will follow him. We will be amazed at his
glory. We will share the great goodness of our King with everyone. We will bow
our knees before him. We will extend our hands to him. We will do whatever it
takes to know him more. We will do whatever we can to be reshaped into his
image. And as we walk, we will honor his name before everyone. We will say and
do nothing that demeans him. We will confess that it is not about us. And in
fact, we will seek forgiveness for our wrongs, for our creation of injustice. We
will ask our King for mercy and we will strive to please him. We will ask him
for the power to get back up. We will pattern our steps by his steps.  We will use his words when we move our lips
and his actions when we work our hands. 

We will serve and praise our
King with whom we humbly walk. And as a result of this walk we will pray to him
and we will pray with him. We will participate in conversation. We will
petition him for our friends and neighbors and families. But we will also take
the time to listen to what his good and perfect will really is. We will
passionately pursue relationship with him. We will seek our satisfaction from
him. We will find our worth and the worth of others in his loving eyes. We will
be emancipated from everything that hinders his intention for this world. We
will encourage one another to live in the embrace of his grace. We will dance
with our Just and Merciful King, and invite others to join.

We will serve and praise our
King with whom we humbly walk. And as a result of this walk we will not spend
our time watching the mission of our King. We will not treat our King’s
procession like a movie or a play or a parade. We will not waste our Sunday
mornings as observers or pretenders. We will not check off a holy attendance
sheet. We will not dress up or down in order to make a pointed impression on
others. We will not judge ourselves or others on their outward appearance but
we will strive to value others as God values them. We will not seek our selfish
ambitions but instead consider others as better than ourselves. We will not
grasp our status with God but make ourselves poor for the sake of our
neighbors. We will not be divisive people. We will serve and praise our King
with whom we humbly walk. 

— Part 5 on Monday —

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