Why Poverty – Wilbur episodes 1&2

The previous posts (A Humble Walk With God) were launched in my mind after watching this video:

Wilbur Sargunaraj is a dear friend of mine— he inspires me to live with more awareness of my brothers and sisters in this world. He is also a musician and humanitarian who has remarkably become relatively famous. The Times of India has labeled him “India’s first YouTube star” and he has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers and TV interviews around the globe. One reason Wilbur is so intriguing to many people is that his goal in life is not to ascend the ladder of success, but to climb downward to love and care for the common person. His purpose, in fact, is to make the common extraordinary— and this is an amazing message as you could imagine in a country like India– to lift up what the world might consider lowly or mundane and to celebrate it as very, very special. Through his travels, his music and his YouTube videos he reveals the first class value and a glimpse of the image of God in each person.

FinalposterSmallWilbur was recently chosen by the Why Poverty? campaign as one of their representatives to bring awareness to the state of the poor in India today. Why Poverty?, with the support of groups like the United Nations, intends to reach 500 million people in the month of November to encourage dialogue on the issue of poverty around the world. I'd like to share with you the first episode of Wilbur's Why Poverty? videos– which shows us the beauty of humanity in the midst of extreme poverty.

You'll notice in the video, that because he has a place to live and because he has access to food, Wilbur is considered very rich in the eyes of many in the world. And yet, the determination is made that he was not be a rich person if he was willing to come into the tented-home of that kind family in the video. “You would not have come here if you were rich,” they declared. In their mind, Wilbur did not consider an elevated status something to be grasped, but instead made himself poor in order to dwell, to tent, to be with neighbors. It is a humble walk to which my friend Wilbur has been called.


Visit Wilbur's website here: www.wilbur.asia

See the trailer to Wilbur's upcoming full-length movie here: Simple Superstar

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