What is Your Christmas Tradition?


Our daughter cuts some Christmas cookies with her mom…

I'm curious what meaningful traditions you might have on Christmas?

In our family, on Christmas morning, before any presents are opened, we have a tradition of reading through the Christmas story in Luke 2. In years past, I have read the story and Kathy has encouraged our kids to express what it means that Jesus was born. In more recent years, our kids have started taking some of that responsibility by helping to read the story and initiating the sharing time. Each year we also take turns giving thanks to Jesus and praying for people we know who need to know His love.

Our primary goal is to remember why we open presents for ourselves on Christmas. We celebrate because Jesus has been born. We receive give and receive gifts because God gave His Only Son so that we might have life. By accepting presents together we are reminded to be humbly thankful for the abundant life and also the abundant fellowship we share in Jesus. 

Our secondary goal is to equip our children with the right priorities in the midst of the trappings of a consumeristic holiday. We desire for our kids to treasure all the meaningful things about this season in their hearts… #1 Life with Jesus #2 Love for family/fellowship #3 Joy in giving/receiving.

Many Christmas seasons we have invited others into our home to share in the experience with us as a family. What an amazing honor it is to have friends and loved ones spend such meaningful time with us… a time that is richer because of their presence with us.

What traditions do you have that we might be able to use to enhance our own appreciation for the meaning of Christmas?

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