A Photo Record of Generational Transference in 2012…

Some photo highlights from 2012 were steeped in generational transference:


During the summer, my brother and I walked with our 6-year-old daughters on our shoulders. As the girls laughed and talked, my brother and I treasured the opportunity to raise our children well. It is such a blessing to share this responsibility with our family and a trusted church & neighborhood community.


In Minnesota in the spring, life starts thawing out from the winter months. My family chose one Saturday to hike along the Minnesota River. Kathy took a few photos of Elly and I as we held hands and shared life together on the journey back to the car. I'm not sure there is any photo I've ever appreciated as much as this one. There is something wondrous about conversation with those entrusted to your care… and there is something even more wondrous about a little girl swinging her father's arm, sharing her father's smile, and squeezing her father's hand.


Kathy found herself compelled to jump out of an airplane again this year. 🙂 This time her Dad joined us in the landing field to watch her drop through the sky. What an honor it was to stand three generations deep while Kathy inspired us to overcome fears, seize adventure, and live abundantly. 


Another treasured moment may not have registered on the adventure scale but it blew the roof off of intentional investment in the emerging generation. My Mom intentionally spent hours coloring with Elly one day, on the floor, complete with kisses from the dog. Elly and her Bama talked and joked and told stories and encouraged each other to be creative and artistic. My Mom is an amazing artist who has sold some of her work for hundreds of dollars… but she cherished most of all working with the medium of crayon and white paper with her granddaughter.

An older generation that models faithful character and that intentionally invests and encourages the younger generation to live a God-saturated life is one that follows the patterns of Deuteronomy 6:4-9. The pictures above represent just a few of the snapshots of GT in action. May there be many more treasured moments of generational transference in 2013.

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