Daddy is the Biggest and Bestest

This morning, both my lists and my daughter were calling to me.

Ahead of me were lists of things to do. Behind me were lists of things done and not done. But at the table was my girl, smiling, eating her toast, and singing a song to her Dad.

"Dad, did you hear my song?" she asked. "It was about you."

I confess this morning a terrible reality~ My 'urgencies' sometimes outweigh my priorities. I had missed her song.

I stopped what I was doing (something that had, I suddenly realized, ridiculously seemed incredibly important, but now seemed forgetable) and went over to the table. I sat down next to my daughter…

"What I heard sounded beautiful," I told her, "but I missed a lot of it. Would you please sing it again for me?"

So I sat and listened. With a tremendously forgiving heart, my daughter smiled, cleared her throat, and grabbed my hand (while her other hand held an orange slice she was about to eat). While staring into my eyes, she opened her mouth (which has bankrupted the tooth-fairy lately) and she sang the following words with a voice only she could offer:

"My Daddy is the biggest and bestest! He gets me food and is funny. He's the biggest bestest there is!"

My seven-year-old girl ministered to her Dad this morning. She reminded me that I need not worry about the ridiculous thoughts of silly man who seems to be more bald, more busy, and more busted with the passing of each day. While I struggle to personally believe her words (eg. I am only 5'6"), I noticed that she believed them. Her overflowing heart helped me remember to put aside my weighty cares and pay attention to what is important. Our relationship. Our fellowship. Our life.

She stirred a wellspring of joy and peace that were resting somewhere deep within me… but had somehow this week been forgotten in the urgencies of each day, and certainly of this day. So I continued to sit with her, holding hands. I opened my Bible with her and read Psalm 130:5 as an encouragement for us both:

"I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word."

We talked together about this psalm. It reminded us that our sins are forgiven because God loves us so much and how he has an overflowing supply of salvation for us. I told my daughter I was so thankful that God forgave me when I messed up my priorities. We decided that we could put our hope in God today and that we could both sit down with him, hold hands with him and sing to him a beautiful song:

"My Daddy is the biggest and bestest!

He gets me food and is funny.

He's the biggest bestest there is!"


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