Study Guide – Psalm 99


1 The Lord reigns,
    let the nations tremble;
he sits enthroned between the cherubim,
    let the earth shake.
2 Great is the Lord in Zion;
    he is exalted over all the nations.
3 Let them praise your great and awesome name—
    he is holy.

Why would the nations need to "tremble" and the earth "shake"?

Have you ever "trembled" when encountered with God? If not, why not? If so, what was that like?

Why do you think so many psalms urge the world to "let" people praise him?*

Be honest, what is holding you back from praising God today?

4 The King is mighty, he loves justice—
    you have established equity;
in Jacob you have done
    what is just and right.
5 Exalt the Lord our God
    and worship at his footstool;
    he is holy.

 Try this math question: Mighty + Love for Justice = ??

6 Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
    Samuel was among those who called on his name;
they called on the Lord
    and he answered them.
7 He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;
    they kept his statutes and the decrees he gave them.

Jacob (v.4), Moses, Aaron and Samuel. These individuals are historic foundations for understanding this psalm. From what you know about them, why would the writer included these names in this psalm?

8 Lord our God,
    you answered them;
you were to Israel a forgiving God,
    though you punished their misdeeds.
9 Exalt the Lord our God
    and worship at his holy mountain,
    for the Lord our God is holy. NIV

How do verses 8-9 add to your understanding of verses 1-2? Vice-versa?

Take some time to exalt the Lord our God (see v.9) before moving on with your rest of your plans today…


*Psalm 148, e.g.

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