Happy Birthday Ben!!


From Me:
Benjamin Themba Castor is 11 today!! Happy Birthday to one of the coolest, sweetest guys on the planet. We love you Ben!! And so do lots of people in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Northern Ireland and more. May you always draw nearer to the Lord, and may the Lord always draw nearer to you. Grow down deep into His marvelous love throughout your years. I love you and am so proud of your fighting spirit, your merciful heart, and your righteous zeal. Grace and peace be yours in abundance, my son!! Love Dad.
From Kathy:
11 years ago, God brought an amazing little person into this world! He knew this little guy would need to be a fighter, a charmer, and a bit of a ham. He gave him more physical strength than any one little boy should have and enough sensitivity to encourage and care for others when you least expect it. He gave him a restlessness about the ordinary and a curiosity that would bring him to test all sorts of life's boundaries, a spark that will drive him one day to his own unique greatness. He allowed him to face challenges no one should have to face and the strength to work hard even in the face of doubt and discouragement. God chose him to grow in my heart and fill me with more emotions than a momma could plan on ever experiencing in 11years. Happy birthday to my not-so-little, little man, Benjamin! I love you and am so glad you are my son!

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