Why? Youth Ministry

Crown student Marcus DipSilas is producing a series of videos explaining why we do what we do at Crown. Marcus asked to sit down with me to address why we should continue to train people for "youth ministry" – when it's a career-path that is often looked down upon, when there's little guarantee of financial stability, when the hours are demanding and exhausting, when the overnites and the missions-trips take their physical-mental-emotional toll, when another junior-high boy busts a hole in the drywall, and when another teenager calls because they are deeply struggling… – Why should we continue to train people for "youth ministry"?

Because. We must.

There is no higher vocation than passing on faith to the next generation. It is God's foundational pattern for evangelism and discipleship. It is God's primary practice to bring His redemptive Story to this earth. So, our task at Crown is to train leaders who can help churches train perpetual generations in rooted faith and effective ministry. 


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