A Prayer for This Nation



Today, bless this nation with revival.

Renew her commitment to what is good, trustworthy and true.

Convict her of her role and responsibility and restore her in her reputation.

Forgive her debts as she forgives her debtors.

Lead her away from that which tempts her away from you.

Deliver her from evil and, we pray, protect her from those who plot evil against her.

Elevate that which is praiseworthy within her and reveal that which is poisoness to her.

Lord and Lamb of God,

Honor her heroes for their sacrifice… for they have laid down their lives as you laid down yours.

Affirm her when she affirms others in their hour of need.

In times of trouble, lend her your hope as her neighborhoods lend their hands.

Let the derivation of her strength be in the godly altruism of her actions.

Let the foundation of her resolve be in the proclamation of godly freedom. 

Let the abundance of her blessing be in the harvest of godly character.

Let the future of her generations be in the godly focus of her children.

Forget not our cries, our Savior and our God.

We pray: Remember those who hunger and thirst for righteousness in this land.

Lord, make her motto true: "In God we Trust".




And let me add this restoration song from Rend Collective as a 2nd prayer:

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