Study Guide – Psalm 119 Tsadhe

צ Tsadhe

137 You are righteous, Lord,
    and your laws are right.
138 The statutes you have laid down are righteous;
    they are fully trustworthy.
139 My zeal wears me out,
    for my enemies ignore your words.
140 Your promises have been thoroughly tested,
    and your servant loves them.
141 Though I am lowly and despised,
    I do not forget your precepts.
142 Your righteousness is everlasting
    and your law is true.
143 Trouble and distress have come upon me,
    but your commands give me delight.
144 Your statutes are always righteous;
    give me understanding that I may live. NIV

What does "righteous" mean? Think through Scripture or perhaps through your own life: Give evidence of how the Lord is righteous. Give evidence of how the Lord's statutes are righteous. 

What strain do you notice on the author in verse 139? With this in mind, why is the endurance of Psalm 119 become even more impressive?

For someone who is experiencing distress and troubles, how might verses 140-144 be a source encouraging strength?

::::: Application Challenge :::::

In the next 24 hours, look for a situation of distress either in your own life or in the life of someone close to you. Consider how to apply this eighteenth stanza of Psalm 119 in that situation. Pray now that the Lord will give you the "delight" in His commands as an encouraging strength as that circumstance arises.

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