Pray With Youth

Support this movement! Tim Eldred, president of Christian Endeavor, is urging people all around the globe to dedicate Sept 22 as a day to pray with young people. His call, Pray with Youth, encourages older generations to actively empower younger generations in their responsibility as visionaries in God's kingdom and in their role as disciple-makers. 


Please check out the declaration and purpose behind this movement. It fits perfectly with the ideals of Generational Transference of Leadership and Faith that I am so passionate about. I wrote the following endorsement for Pray With Youth— you can find it on their website:


“Imagine a younger generation intentionally invited, inspired and entrusted by an older generation to pray. Pray With Youth encourages the Church to put teens in their rightful place — at the center of God’s mission for our world.” — Dr. Ken Castor, Crown College


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