Study Guide – Psalm 31:9-18


merciful to me, Lord, for I
am in distress;

eyes grow weak with sorrow,

soul and body with grief.

10 My life is consumed
by anguish

my years by groaning;

my strength fails because of my affliction,

my bones grow weak.

11 Because of all my

am the utter contempt of my neighbors

and an object of dread to my closest friends—

who see me on the street flee from me.

12 I am forgotten as
though I were dead;

have become like broken pottery.

13 For I hear many

on every side!”

They conspire against me

plot to take my life.


can someone’s eyes grow week with sorrow? From what you read in verses 9-10,
what was the writer of this psalm experiencing over a long period of time?


the feelings of terror in verses 11-13. Could you relate that to anything


surprising is it to you that a follower of God could experience years of anguish? Why?


14 But
I trust in you, Lord;

say, “You are my God.”

15 My times are
in your hands;

me from the hands of my enemies,

those who pursue me.

16 Let your face
shine on your servant;

me in your unfailing love.

17 Let me not be put
to shame, Lord,

I have cried out to you;

but let the wicked be put to shame

be silent in the realm of the dead.

18 Let their lying
lips be silenced,

with pride and contempt

speak arrogantly against the righteous.NIV


the themes in verses 9-13 with those in verses 14-18.


the shift in faith that begins to happen in verse 14.


though the tone of faith changes, in what ways does the writer express a deep
faith throughout this whole section?


does the psalmist call himself in verse 16? What do you think he thought it
would be like to have God’s “face shine” him?


Equipping Challenge :::::

troubled and hopeful emotions could you bring before God right now? Take the
time you need to do just that.

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