Study Guide – Psalm 31:19-24


abundant are the good things

you have stored up for those who fear you,

that you bestow in the sight of all,

those who take refuge in you.

20 In the
shelter of your presence you hide them

all human intrigues;

you keep them safe in your dwelling

accusing tongues.


circumstances create a sense of fear in a person’s life? How are these
circumstances similar or different then having a fear of the Lord?


does an “abundance” of “good things” look like for someone who fears the Lord?


back through this whole psalm. Find each instance of the word “refuge” and note
how it is used.


would people need to hide from “human intrigues” –- what does that mean?


21 Praise
be to the Lord,

he showed me the wonders of his love

I was in a city under siege.

22 In my alarm I

am cut off from your sight!”

Yet you heard my cry for mercy

I called to you for help.

23 Love
the Lord, all his faithful

    The Lord preserves those who are true
to him,

the proud he pays back in full.

24 Be strong and take

you who hope in the Lord. NIV


After all the reflection on anguish in
this psalm, what could be surprising about the author proclaiming “Praise be to
the Lord” in verse 21?


Can you identify a time in your life when
you felt like verse 22 was true?


Imagine the author of this psalm as a personal life mentor. How is verse 24 an important pattern to learn from this lifelong follower of God?


::::: Application Challenge :::::

Memorize verse 24. In the next 24 hours
repeat these words again and again. And then, at any moment where anguish or
anxiety begins to entrap you, speak these words as an encouraging reminder for
your soul.


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