Study Guide – Psalm 27:11-14


11 Teach
me your way, Lord;

me in a straight path

of my oppressors.

12 Do not turn me over
to the desire of my foes,

false witnesses rise up against me,

malicious accusations.

13 I
remain confident of this:

will see the goodness of the Lord

the land of the living.

14 Wait for the Lord;

strong and take heart

wait for the Lord.


How does living in honesty protect David from his enemies?



Despite the false accusations being thrown at him, how is
David able to have confidence?



What do you think is the hardest part of living out
Psalm 27:14?



If David didn't want to live in honesty (in v11), how would v14 be even more difficult to practice?




What tensions are you facing today that are out of your hands? How could you use Psalm 27:14 to encourage you?

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