The Love of Christ Orphanage – video

800 babies have come through these doors. One of those is our own Benjamin. Another of those is my nephew Toby. We love TLC and the Jarvis family for all they have done. Please take a moment to appreciate and support The Love of Christ orphanage in South Africa.

** 11:00am Update: With sad hearts, we also mourn with her over the loss of her son, Kieren, yesterday. His heart was not physically strong, but it was beautiful and powerful in God’s eyes. We enjoyed Kieren’s visit to our home when we lived on Vancouver Island– what a special time. Today, we pray especially for you, Maga Thea, without whom we would not have our son, Benjamin. We will always be ever so thankful for your relentless dedication on behalf of “the least of these”. With love to you, Thea…

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