Study Guide – Psalm 35:1-10


1 O Lord, oppose those who oppose me.
    Fight those who fight against me.
2 Put on your armor, and take up your shield.
    Prepare for battle, and come to my aid.
3 Lift up your spear and javelin
    against those who pursue me.
Let me hear you say,
    “I will give you victory!”


How is the scene in verses 1-3 similar to the Lord of the Rings when Gandalf appears with an army?


Imagine the force behind the Lord's statement, "I am your salvation!" Unpack the power behind these words.


4 Bring shame and disgrace on those trying to kill me;
    turn them back and humiliate those who want to harm me.
5 Blow them away like chaff in the wind—
    a wind sent by the angel of the Lord.
6 Make their path dark and slippery,
    with the angel of the Lord pursuing them.
7 I did them no wrong, but they laid a trap for me.
    I did them no wrong, but they dug a pit to catch me.
8 So let sudden ruin come upon them!
    Let them be caught in the trap they set for me!
    Let them be destroyed in the pit they dug for me. 


Look at verses 4-6. This psalm is attributed to David, a shepherd-turned-warrior-turned-king. Describe the military concentration David has.


We learn in verses 7-8 that this battle is personal. Is David's call for revenge, for judgment, for justice, or some combination of these? Explain.


9 Then I will rejoice in the Lord.
    I will be glad because he rescues me.
10 With every bone in my body I will praise him:
    “Lord, who can compare with you?
Who else rescues the helpless from the strong?
    Who else protects the helpless and poor from those who rob them?” NLT


Look at verses 9-10. Who does David believe God protects? Who does David believe God destroys? 


Which of these does David claim to be? How do you reconcile this with verses 1-8?



 Which are you today? Someone God protects or someone God destroys?


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  1. Wonderful, these verses mean a lot today, I have struggled with some opposition lately while trying to do what I feel God has called me to do…I pray my work glorifies my Lord.

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