Study Guide – Psalm 38:9-22


9 You know what I long for, Lord;
    you hear my every sigh.
10 My heart beats wildly, my strength fails,
    and I am going blind.
11 My loved ones and friends stay away, fearing my disease.
    Even my own family stands at a distance.
12 Meanwhile, my enemies lay traps to kill me.
    Those who wish me harm make plans to ruin me.
    All day long they plan their treachery.

13 But I am deaf to all their threats.
    I am silent before them as one who cannot speak.
14 I choose to hear nothing,
    and I make no reply.
15 For I am waiting for you, O Lord.
    You must answer for me, O Lord my God.
16 I prayed, “Don’t let my enemies gloat over me
    or rejoice at my downfall.”

17 I am on the verge of collapse,
    facing constant pain.
18 But I confess my sins;
    I am deeply sorry for what I have done.
19 I have many aggressive enemies;
    they hate me without reason.
20 They repay me evil for good
    and oppose me for pursuing good.
21 Do not abandon me, O Lord.
    Do not stand at a distance, my God.
22 Come quickly to help me,
    O Lord my savior. NLT


Read verses 9-22. Find at least five specific descriptions of David's anguish.


Next, find at least five specific descriptions of David's desire. What does he want God to do?


David demands an answer from God. What is his question?


::::: DIGGING DEEPER :::::

Compare these verses with Psalm 23. From these psalms, what can we learn about how God approaches us during our difficult times?



The life of faith is often marked by times of anguish and times of waiting. What kind of season are you in today? Have you gone through times like this in the past? Do you anticipate any difficult times ahead? Take your thoughts on these ideas and turn them into a response of prayer to the Lord.

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