Latest Romans 16 diagrams – 3 versions in 2 days

On Tuesday I drew this for my Youth & Family Ministry class at Crown…


And on Wednesday morning I drew this for the first of two "globally connected" workshops during MissionsFest at Crown… It took up two whiteboards (thus, the dark strip in the middle of the photo):

Photo 3

… and then this on Wednesday afternoon… for the second workshop during MissionsFest at Crown (with the same issue of the dark strip down the middle – in between two whiteboards):

Photo 4

I love the book of Romans. It is a necessary book to understanding God's work in this world. And Romans 16 validates the first 15 chapters. Global people united in the Good News. Partnership of faith and mission, spread across nations, ethnicities, generations, languages, cultures, and governments. It's a great illustration of priesthood of all believers from every walk of life, the need to network our faith, and the importance to avoid division/ compartmentalization/ arrogance/ pride/ etc in our everyday life and ministry.

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