20 Years!!!



The candles added an interesting, if not dangerous, romantic touch to the wedding day, don't you think?!

On March 5, 1994, I received way more than I could ever deserve. Why Kathy fell in love with me and why she said yes to marrying me will always be a marvelous mystery to me. 

And now, 20 years later, not much has changed. Okay— a lot has changed… I've lost some hairs on top of my head (at least some of them now grow on the bottom of my face in the form of a beard). And as a result, sadly, I can no longer rock the mullet. And some of those hairs that are clinging to my scalp are now gray (… ahem… none of Kathy's are yet though!). We are also now a family of 5 (plus a dog) and have lived in 14 different homes in two countries. And in 2 decades we've seen our share of tremendous mountains and valleys of health and experiences… and yet…

Kathy and I really are having a hard time believing that we have been married for seven-thousand-three-hundred-five days (including the 5 leap year days). Makes no sense! We must have gotten married when we were seven years old! We still feel like young pups all wide-eyed and wondering about our hand-in-hand future together. I still remember our wedding: Kathy's poofy hair and the long train of her dress… and that for some strange reason we put candles on her train for a photo…and I especially remember her smile (which melts me today as much as it did then). She was then, and is now my favorite person in the world— I can't believe God blessed me with 20 years to be by her side. I pray God blesses me with many many many more.

Kathy, to quote our favorite cheesy-mullet-inspired-rock-ballad-date-night-love-song of the early 90s: "I'll be yours until the sun doesn't shine, til time stands still, until the winds don't blow…"


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