Study Guide – Psalm 89:27-37


27 I will make him my firstborn son,
    the mightiest king on earth.
28 I will love him and be kind to him forever;
    my covenant with him will never end.
29 I will preserve an heir for him;
    his throne will be as endless as the days of heaven.
30 But if his descendants forsake my instructions
    and fail to obey my regulations,
31 if they do not obey my decrees
    and fail to keep my commands,
32 then I will punish their sin with the rod,
    and their disobedience with beating.
33 But I will never stop loving him
    nor fail to keep my promise to him.
34 No, I will not break my covenant;
    I will not take back a single word I said.
35 I have sworn an oath to David,
    and in my holiness I cannot lie:
36 His dynasty will go on forever;
    his kingdom will endure as the sun.
37 It will be as eternal as the moon,
    my faithful witness in the sky!”  NLT


Verses 27-37 of Psalm 89 continue the writer’s discussion of the vow God made with David. With this in mind, what tension do verses 27-37 have with verses 3-4?


What is the significance of verse 27?


::::: DIGGING DEEPER :::::

How does verse 27 relate to Psalm 2:7?


In verses 27-29, what does God say he will do for David?


In verses 30-32, what does God say he will do for David’s sons if they fail to walk in God’s ways?


With this in mind, how do verses 33-36 work? How does God’s discipline support his covenant with David?



Do you identify more with David in verses 27-29 or David’s sons in verses 30-32? Take some time to pray about your response.


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