Study Guide – Psalm 89:46-52



46 O Lord, how long will this go on?
    Will you hide yourself forever?
    How long will your anger burn like fire?
47 Remember how short my life is,
    how empty and futile this human existence!
48 No one can live forever; all will die.
    No one can escape the power of the grave.

49 Lord, where is your unfailing love?
    You promised it to David with a faithful pledge.
50 Consider, Lord, how your servants are disgraced!
    I carry in my heart the insults of so many people.
51 Your enemies have mocked me, O Lord;
    they mock your anointed king wherever he goes.

52 Praise the Lord forever!
    Amen and amen! NLT


The writer of this psalm, Ethan the Ezrahite, is exhausted by the people who are rebelling against king David (and, by association, rebelling against God). Read verses 46-48. Describe Ethan’s exhausted plea to the Lord.


In verse 49, what does Ethan appeal to? How do verses 1-2 of this long psalm relate to this?


Ethan makes the psalm very personal in verses 50-51. What does this reveal to you about his fellowship? What does this reveal to you about his deep belief in the Lord’s promises?


What does verse 52 teach you about Ethan’s heart?



 In whatever you pray in the next 24 hours, practice ending your prayer with verse 52 rather than a simply “amen”. How would including this verse in your prayers impact the way you pray?

Ken Castor

Ken Castor is a husband, dad, pastor, writer and teacher. He serves as a professor at Crown College, Minnesota, where he equips students to pursue Jesus-Centered Faith and Next Generation Ministry. For 20+ years he's focused on equipping the next generations in places like the U.S., Canada, and Northern Ireland. He's the author of Grow Down (Simply Youth Ministry, 2014), Make a Difference (Broadstreet, 2016), the Blue-Letters Editor of the Jesus-Centered Bible (Group, 2015) and numerous other articles and Bible Study guides. But, whenever possible, he gets down on the floor and builds Lego with his kids. Connect with him @kencastor.

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