Study Guide – Psalm 59:1-10



1 Rescue me from my enemies, O God.
    Protect me from those who have come to destroy me.
2 Rescue me from these criminals;
    save me from these murderers.
3 They have set an ambush for me.
    Fierce enemies are out there waiting, Lord,
    though I have not sinned or offended them.
4 I have done nothing wrong,
    yet they prepare to attack me.
    Wake up! See what is happening and help me!
5 O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies, the God of Israel,
    wake up and punish those hostile nations.
    Show no mercy to wicked traitors. Interlude

6 They come out at night,
    snarling like vicious dogs
    as they prowl the streets.
7 Listen to the filth that comes from their mouths;
    their words cut like swords.
    “After all, who can hear us?” they sneer.
8 But Lord, you laugh at them.
    You scoff at all the hostile nations.
9 You are my strength; I wait for you to rescue me,
    for you, O God, are my fortress.
10 In his unfailing love, my God will stand with me.
    He will let me look down in triumph on all my enemies. NLT


To start this study, skip down to verse 5. What powerful title does the writer of this psalm, David, use to address God? Ponder all the implications of this title for a moment.


Now, go back and read through verses 1-10 and answer the following two questions:

1)   Describe the situation David is going through

2)   Describe how this title for God in verse 5 impacts David’s prayer in the midst of this situation


::::: DIGGING DEEPER :::::

For the specific circumstance behind this psalm, take a moment to read 1 Samuel 19:11 and the verses around it. David was in the middle of an intense, unfolding drama. In jealousy of David’s anointing by God, King Saul tried to ambush and kill David in his own home. If it wasn’t for some questionable maneuvers by David’s wife, Michal (King Saul’s daughter), David might have been killed.



When you call upon God, or when you talk about him, what do you call him? How does that change how you perceive the situation you are in? In the next 24 hours, consider the ways you could address the Lord that may help you comprehend who God is and what God could do. Take a moment to pray about this, choosing thoughtfully and carefully how you address the Lord.

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