Study Guide – Psalm 69:7-15



7 For I endure insults for your sake;
    humiliation is written all over my face.
8 Even my own brothers pretend they don’t know me;
    they treat me like a stranger.

9 Passion for your house has consumed me,
    and the insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.
10 When I weep and fast,
    they scoff at me.
11 When I dress in burlap to show sorrow,
    they make fun of me.
12 I am the favorite topic of town gossip,
    and all the drunks sing about me.

13 But I keep praying to you, Lord,
    hoping this time you will show me favor.
In your unfailing love, O God,
    answer my prayer with your sure salvation.
14 Rescue me from the mud;
    don’t let me sink any deeper!
Save me from those who hate me,
    and pull me from these deep waters.
15 Don’t let the floods overwhelm me,
    or the deep waters swallow me,
    or the pit of death devour me. NLT

Read verses 7-12. Describe how David is feeling and what he is experiencing.


Can you identify with this? Or do you know someone who has gone through this? What would it feel like personally?


How does verse 9 fit into what is so upsetting to David? How does David’s passion for God get mixed up his anger towards ridicule?


Have you ever felt that you were made fun of because you followed God? If so, what happened and what did that feel like? Consider whether the process made you more committed or less committed to God.


In verses 13-15, David honestly describes his frustrations. Does the rawness of his emotions and anxiety surprise you? Why or why not?



Many times, as followers of God, we expect life to be contented and safe. But David’s raw heart in these verses unnerves the comfort zone of our faith. What do you learn about following God by looking at David’s own confession and honesty in verses 7-15?


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