Study Guide – Psalm 69:16-21



16 Answer my prayers, O Lord,
    for your unfailing love is wonderful.
Take care of me,
    for your mercy is so plentiful.
17 Don’t hide from your servant;
    answer me quickly, for I am in deep trouble!
18 Come and redeem me;
    free me from my enemies.

19 You know of my shame, scorn, and disgrace.
    You see all that my enemies are doing.
20 Their insults have broken my heart,
    and I am in despair.
If only one person would show some pity;
    if only one would turn and comfort me.
21 But instead, they give me poison for food;
    they offer me sour wine for my thirst. NLT


Take a moment to pray verse 16 as a prayer for your own life.


After praying through verse 16, notice again how David displays his raw heart in verses 17-21. Imagine what it would have been like to be in David’s situation:


What does David’s example teach us about the life of real faith?



Take time in verses 16-21. Read them again and again and make them personal to yourself. Then consider how you could directly apply this way of praying to either your current situation or in preparation yourself for a difficult times that may be ahead.

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