Roald Dahl’s BFG agrees with me…

“Grown-up human beans is not famous for their kindnesses. They is all squifflerotters and grinksludgers.”

– The Big Friendly Giant

IMG_0624 IMG_0625

I wish I had this quote from Roald Dahl’s classic BFG when I wrote Grow Down… It seems that Roald Dahls “Big Friendly Giant” and I have a similar outlook on things: 1) it is inappropriate to eat human “beans” and 2) grown-up human “beans” are not as fully developed as we are made to think. The articulately creative giant is astute: Many adults are certainly prone to squifflerotting and grinksluding. [Although, little Sophie may have a point about the Queen of England being an excellent person. After all, the Queen does treat the BFG very kindly and she does save humanity from the fleshgobblers without resorting to violence.]

In Grow Down, I said a similar thing… albeit with different and perhaps less profound words:

“Adults are a lot like Twinkies.”


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