Study Guide – Psalm 77:10-15



10 And I said, “This is my fate;
    the Most High has turned his hand against me.”
11 But then I recall all you have done, O Lord;
    I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.
12 They are constantly in my thoughts.
    I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.

13 O God, your ways are holy.
    Is there any god as mighty as you?
14 You are the God of great wonders!
    You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.
15 By your strong arm, you redeemed your people,
    the descendants of Jacob and Joseph. NLT


Look at verse 10. What is the state of mind of the writer of the psalm?


How do the thoughts of the writer in verses 11-12 add the agony he feels?


Contrast verses 13-14 with how the writer feels in verse 10. What does this do to a person’s faith?


The writer ends this section of Psalm 77 with a reference to the descendants of Jacob and Joseph. What significance does this have for the way the writer feels in verse 10?



Often when we feel at odds with God, we can tend to think only despairing thoughts. What does this writer do in his thought process that is important in the development of someone who follows God? Take a moment to respond to this discovery in prayer.

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