Study Guide – Psalm 80:4-7



4 O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies,
    how long will you be angry with our prayers?
5 You have fed us with sorrow
    and made us drink tears by the bucketful.
6 You have made us the scorn of neighboring nations.
    Our enemies treat us as a joke.

7 Turn us again to yourself, O God of Heaven’s Armies.
    Make your face shine down upon us.
    Only then will we be saved. NLT


How would you describe the tone of these verses?


What deep feelings does the writer let out?


What types of circumstances would lead someone to pray like this?


Does God actually reject prayers? Explain your thoughts:


Does God actually feed people with sorrow?


What does the writer hope to accomplish by stating what he does in verse 6?


Verse 7 is identical to verse 3. Why would the writer repeat these words?



Is “faith” in God big enough to express frustrations and doubts in prayer? How could voicing deeply felt concerns to God actually be a sign of trust in God? With these thoughts in mind, take some time to pray deeply from your heart.


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