Study Guide – Psalm 140:6-13


6 I said to the Lord, “You are my God!”
    Listen, O Lord, to my cries for mercy!
7 O Sovereign Lord, the strong one who rescued me,
    you protected me on the day of battle.
8 Lord, do not let evil people have their way.
    Do not let their evil schemes succeed,
    or they will become proud. 

9 Let my enemies be destroyed
    by the very evil they have planned for me.
10 Let burning coals fall down on their heads.
    Let them be thrown into the fire
    or into watery pits from which they can’t escape.
11 Don’t let liars prosper here in our land.
    Cause great disasters to fall on the violent.

12 But I know the Lord will help those they persecute;
    he will give justice to the poor.
13 Surely righteous people are praising your name;
    the godly will live in your presence. NLT


Look at verse 6. Why should God listen to David’s cries for mercy?


In verse 7, to what does David appeal? Can you site times in your life where God has protected you? Give some examples.


If someone can’t site any times in their life where God has protected them, what different things could that mean?


In verses 8-11, explore what David wants God to do.


Why, in verses 12-13, does David say he wants God to do this?



David seems confident that what he is asking God to do is something that God would do. Using Psalm 140 as a foundation, how can we know that our will and God’s will support one another? Take some time to practice praying that something you want in your life (situation, healing, protection, freedom, etc) and God’s will would be in alignment.

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