Study Guide – Psalm 116:10-14


10 I believed in you, so I said,
    “I am deeply troubled, Lord.”
11 In my anxiety I cried out to you,
    “These people are all liars!”
12 What can I offer the Lord
    for all he has done for me?
13 I will lift up the cup of salvation
    and praise the Lord’s name for saving me.
14 I will keep my promises to the Lord
    in the presence of all his people. NLT


Look at the first line of verse 10. What is profound about this comment?


Many people might say they are “believers” but they rarely stop to pray. What would be the impact of this sort of “faith” in their lives?


In the rest of verse 10 and 11, what does the writer of this psalm pray about? What kind of circumstance is occurring in his life?


The writer’s experience with prayer is life-changing. In verses 12-14, what significant impact has prayer had upon him?



If you believe in the Lord, it would only be right to take time right now to pray to the Lord. Offer whatever is on your heart to God so that God may “bend down and listen” (v.2) and “answer” (v.1) your prayers.

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