Tree Fort of Awesomeness

My two youngest kids finally convinced me to help them build a tree fort this summer. Ben, my 12-year old, and I scouted the trees, picked the spot, drew some dreams, watched dozens of episodes of TreeHouse Masters and got to work. Ben helped me buy the materials, cut the wood, hoist the tire-swing, screw down the decking, design the climbing wall and the stairs. Elly, my 8-year old, helped me build the climbing wall steps and slipknot the ropes. Zach, my 15-year old, then built the bench out of the scrap wood. The whole project took about three days… now if I could just get them all┬áto stain it…


    1. I might need to pay them, Emily. THey think it looks cool enough as it is… but I think it’ll look even better stained. Maybe with slushies from Sonic? Payment with slushies, not stained with slushies. Just clarifying.

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