Study Guide – Psalm 107:39-43


39 When they decrease in number and become impoverished
    through oppression, trouble, and sorrow,
40 the Lord pours contempt on their princes,
    causing them to wander in trackless wastelands.
41 But he rescues the poor from trouble
    and increases their families like flocks of sheep.
42 The godly will see these things and be glad,
    while the wicked are struck silent.
43 Those who are wise will take all this to heart;
    they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord. NLT

Background: Psalm 107 begins the fifth and final collection of “books” in the Psalter. This psalm has a context of Israel’s Exile during the time of the kings and prophets. While it dives into the despair Israel experienced, this chapter’s purpose is to point God’s people towards the Lord’s redemptive work from spiritual and physical bondage. This theme will ultimately lead to celebrations of praise in Psalms 145-150.


With this in mind, what point are these final verses of Psalm 107 trying to make?


What do you learn about God from these verses?


Quickly look back through all of Psalm 107. If someone asked you to summarize this psalm in one sentence, what would you say?



Look at verse 43. What do you see? Do you look forward to rescue and redemption? Do you realize how much you need it? Have you received a hint of it already? Take some time to pray over these thoughts before moving on with the rest of your activities.

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  1. SO nice to be accepted by God in our life with the Holy Spirit with us and be give favor instead contemt or hate and be sowing our seed in blessing with care of the lord daily and let us be touch more and more of the psalmes in the bible in enjoy to God for his love over us in exciting life .in Jesus name,thanks and bless ,keijo sweden

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